Bachelor's Program in History

Limitless career paths

With a history degree, you can seamlessly blend your interests with a promising career. Our faculty, with both local roots and global reach, empowers students to research across time, place, and topics. Rather than dictating beliefs, our professors cultivate scholars who excel in analytical thinking, information evaluation, original research, and creative thought. Be it law, entrepreneurship, education, research, or myriad other fields, history offers the flexibility to chart your own path.

Why study history?
Group of students sit together in the Shared History room

History Minor

The Department of History at the University of Nevada, Reno also offers a minor in history, as well as a minor in African studies and Middle Eastern studies. Students will learn to think contextually, read historical documents and become better researchers and writers.

Want to make history?

The University's Shared History Program is not an academic program, but a unique opportunity for students to actively contribute to preserving the untold stories of our time. The University of Nevada, Reno proudly presents the Shared History program, a platform that empowers humanities students to participate in hands-on, collaborative public history initiatives alongside community and faculty partners. With a focus on contemporary history, this program opens doors to new career horizons, and internships with cultural organizations, startups, NGOs, and government agencies. Located in the historic Lincoln Hall, the Shared History office warmly welcomes all students to explore, discuss, and engage in projects ranging from documentaries to oral history capture, museum exhibits, and streaming history casts. Be part of the legacy.