Comstock Foundation Scholarship for History

The Comstock Foundation Scholarship for History (Comstock Scholarship) supports scholarly endeavors undertaken by University of Nevada, Reno undergraduate and graduate students who are currently enrolled in the History department's MA or Ph.D. programs or, in the case of undergraduates, who are declared history majors or who are pursuing a Bachelor's degree in secondary education and history through the University's PackTeach program. The scholarship is for a single semester and can be used to help fund historical research and related activities in support of an independent studies project, a public or oral history project, or an applied history or history thesis project in the case of undergraduates, and a thesis project in the case of graduate students. Eligible graduate student thesis projects include traditional theses and public historical work, including but not limited to documentary film productions, podcast series, digital projects, software applications, and museum exhibits.

Research must have a Nevada-focus and an archival, museum, or oral historical basis; however, Nevada need not be the sole focus of the research. Comparative and contextualizing research that illuminates the historical experiences of the peoples of what is now the state of Nevada is welcomed. Scholarship funds may be used for any purpose related to the proposed project, including but not limited to purchasing books, travel-related expenses, reproduction and copyright expenses (e.g., archival images used in film and exhibit projects), material expenses (e.g., SD cards for video or audio work), specialized software unavailable through the university but necessary for the success of the project, digital history-related expenses such as domain name (DNS) registration and web site or streaming hosting. The scholarship amount is $500.00. The scholarship is competitive and is not needs based.

Scholarship applications are due Friday, September 8th, 2023 for the Fall semester scholarship and Friday, December 1st, 2023 for the Spring semester scholarship. Students who applied but did not receive the scholarship are encouraged to reapply, and students who received the scholarship may reapply, though preference will be given to students who have not yet received the scholarship.

How to apply

Application to the scholarship is on-line, available through the Department of History website, and must be submitted by midnight on the due date. The student's application must include their name, contact information, a title, a 200 word abstract, a 750–1000 word description of the proposed or on-going project, and a 200 word maximum explanation of the proposed use the funds. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their proposal with their professor(s) or thesis advisor prior to submission.

Fall semester applications are due September 8, 2023.

Apply for the Comstock Scholarship for History