Student research funds, scholarships and awards

History Department research funds

The History Department offers several opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to earn funding for specific research projects or for professional development opportunities such as participating in conferences. The amount of each award depends on availability of funds, up to a maximum of $500. Students can apply for funding from more than one of the sources listed below, which may increase the amount of funding that is possible. Graduate students must also apply for funds that are available through the Graduate Student Association for these purposes to be eligible for department funding. In most cases, department funds must be used within one year of being awarded.

History Department scholarships

The History Department offers several scholarships meant to reward excellence among our undergraduate majors and graduate students. Students may be nominated for these awards by History faculty. The Undergraduate Committee determines the recipients of the awards each spring, based on nominations and the eligibility criteria for each award. The amount of the awards vary each year depending on available funds.

History Department awards

The History Department offers three awards to reward excellent scholarship and collegiality among History students. The amount of each award depends on availability of funds. These awards are given each fall and spring semester; History Department faculty nominate students for these awards by Prep Day at the end of the fall and spring semesters. For the Frank X. Hartigan Community of Scholars Award, students may nominate their classmates.