Why Study History?

University of Nevada, Reno history majors land superb jobs. Our students have become journalists, CEOs of tech startups, State Department officials, analysts for military intelligence and screenwriters. One history major now runs the global environmental safety program for the world’s largest aerospace company. While these jobs seem unrelated to history, employers in all fields love history majors.

The Department of History at the University of Nevada, Reno equips students with practical and useful tools:

  • Problem-solving
  • Innovative thinking
  • Clear writing
  • Effective speaking
  • Crafting arguments

We teach knowledge of the events and processes that transform the world. This knowledge is as important to being a responsible community member as it is to succeed in nearly any career. We are also proud to cooperate with the College of Education and Human Development to train history educators through the PackTeach program while also equipping students for work as museum professionals and public historians through our shared history initiative.

Instead of telling students what to think, we strive to train experts capable of producing new knowledge and interpretations through original research. By teaching students to process and evaluate masses of data, communicate effectively across multiple media and develop a flexible set of skills prized by today’s and tomorrow’s employers, we use history to prepare students for whatever comes next.

Careers in History Alumni Profiles