Fabio La Volpe

Council Member, College of Education and Human Development
Fabio Cristallini La Volpe smiling


Fabio studied Education on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. He worked there as a high school teacher prior to becoming interested in early childhood. Fabio worked in Madrid for two years, teaching English as a second language for both children and adults. In 2015, he moved to Vancouver, Canada to continue his Montessori studies and pursue his AMI Montessori diploma at the Montessori Training Centre of British Columbia. He moved to the Bay Area, California, in 2016, and worked as a Montessori teacher till 2022. Fabio was born in Venice, and lived for many years in the bay area of Naples, in the south of Italy. He can understand Venetian and speaks and reads Neapolitan, which are often regarded as dialects but are in fact two different languages, often closer to Spanish and French than to Italian. He is fluent in English as well as Italian and Spanish. Fabio likes singing, cooking, stargazing, and storytelling, as well as hiking and biking. He is interested in Yoga, Psychology and the Natural Sciences.