Frequently Asked Questions

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Shipping and Tracking

How do I track a package received at Central Services?

To track a package after it has reached the University of Nevada, Reno, use the on-line tracking system.

How do I ship a small package?

Mail Services ships all small packages.

How do I ship large material or freight?

Central Services preferred shipping providers are Roadway Freight and Yellow Freight. These shippers provide the largest discounted freight but other carriers are offered as well.

What is expected turn around delivery time for items received at Central Services?

All small package deliveries made to Central Services are delivered same day received. Insufficient or incomplete addressing may delay delivery for one business day.

What is the turnaround time for large freight items delivered at Central Services?

Large loads, items, or freight deliveries are delivered within three to five business days.

What do I do for storage?

Central Services does not provide long term storage. For merchandise requiring storage refer to local storage facilities. (Emigrant Storage or A-American Self Storage)