Academic credit for internships

ACE 400 is an internship course designed for students who will not receive academic credit through their major. As long as your internship is related to any course of study at the University, you are eligible to enroll. Enroll in ACE 400 to receive academic credit for your internship.

Please note ACE 400 is not offered every semester. Refer to MyNevada for availability.

How to enroll in ACE 400

Follow these steps to enroll:

  1. Get approval from your academic advisor. Some degree programs require an internship course through the major. Other degree programs offer an elective internship course as part of the major. You must see your academic advisor to determine whether taking ACE 400 would conflict with your major requirements.
  2. Submit approval from your academic advisor to Put "ACE 400" in subject line of email.
  3. Get approval from an academic faculty member. Determine what academic subject your internship is associated with. Find an academic faculty member who teaches the subject you think best fits your internship. Ensure that the faculty member agrees your internship responsibilities are a valid learning experience worthy of academic credit.
  4. Submit approval from your academic faculty member to Put "ACE 400" in subject line of email.
  5. Email the following:
    1. Organization’s name and address
    2. Supervisor's name, title, email and phone number.
  6. Determine number of academic credits. The class is offered at 1-3 credits, depending on your needs and hours. 40 hours = 1 credit.
  7. Intern while enrolled in ACE 400. You must be interning during the same semester you take ACE 400. During the summer session, the course is offered online. Internships may take place outside of the Reno-Tahoe area during summer session.