First Destination Survey

Each semester, as new graduates join the alumni ranks, we conduct the First Destination Survey.

This survey asks graduating students to share their plans upon graduation, including employment, location, salary and future education. Administration of the survey occurs on the Handshake platform within six months of graduation

Whether you are starting your new job, attending graduate school, serving in the military or doing something completely different, we would love to know what you are doing.

Why should I complete the First Destination Survey?

The University cares about our graduates' status, and the Nevada Career Studio is ready to assist alumni still seeking employment. By providing feedback through the survey, our new graduates share critical information used to benchmark how the University is doing, for use in accreditation, and in the recruitment of new students.

Whether you plan to work, attend graduate school, serve in the military or do something completely different, we’d love to know what you plan to do next. Still figuring it out? Let us know in our First Destination Survey. You’ll have the chance to update your answers whenever your plans change.

Class of 2021 results

82% The percentage of bachelor's degree recipients who had a positive career outcome on par with comparison institutions
Graduating students at Commencement
72% The percentage of graduates who stayed in Nevada working full-time
Graduating students at Commencement
$56,100 The average salary for all degree levels
Graduating students at Commencement