Mission statement

Learn about our mission statement, our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and why we call ourselves a Studio.

Hours and services

Learn more about our drop-in hours and the services we provide in-person and online.

Meet the Nevada Career Studio team

Professional staff

Our professional staff hails from diverse employment backgrounds and from cities around the country. We share in common a great enthusiasm for helping students develop their full potential.

Career Mentors

Our Career Mentors are current undergraduate and graduate students from diverse academic programs and backgrounds.

Nevada Career Studio reports and outcomes

Annual reports

We are proud to share annual reports that showcase the scope and impact of our work. From providing hundreds of hours of career education to managing more than 3,500 annual drop-in visits, the Nevada Career Studio is dedicated to our students' career development and success. For more information about our annual reports, contact us at nvcareerstudio@unr.edu.

First Destination Survey (University Outcomes Survey)

The Nevada Career Studio surveys all new graduates about their employment, continued education, or other plans following graduation. Full Career Outcomes Reports are released every spring for the previous year's graduates. For more information about past and future University outcomes surveys, please contact us at nvcareerstudio@unr.edu.