J-1 Visa

When nonimmigrant aliens engage in activities that do not meet the B-1 honorarium rules, a J-1 Exchange Visitors visa or an H-1 Temporary Work visa is required. Contact UNR's Office of International Students and Scholars for complete information on sponsoring J-1 Exchange Visitors.

Following documents are required in processing payments to J-1 visa Exchange Visitors who are sponsored by UNR:

  • FNIS data sheet - completed, signed, and dated (FNIS)
  • Valid passport - including but not limited to the front bio page and the page with corresponding U.S. entry stamp
  • Visa stamp - not applicable to Canadian citizens
  • I-94 - front and back
  • DS-2019
  • Guest Speaker Form or Independent Contractor Agreement Form - completed, signed, and dated with W-8BEN attached.

If the J-1 Exchange Visitors are sponsored by another institution and are engaging in occasional lectures or short-term consultations in their field, they must supply an additional document:

Prior written approval from their Responsible Officer (RO) or their Alternative Responsible Officer (ARO) designated by their program sponsor.

Designated RO/ARO can be located in item #2 on the J-1 Exchange Visitors' DS-2019.

A remuneration paid to or on behalf of an NRA is subject to a 30% withholding tax on the gross amount and will be reported on Form 1042-S, Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding. NRA's in J status may need to obtain a SSN or an ITIN in order to take advantage of any available treaty benefits.