Cashier's Office

Contact Information

Fitzgerald Student Services Building, Third Floor
Mail Stop 0124
Reno, NV, 89557-0225
Fax: (775) 327-2296

Cashier's Office
(775) 784-6915

  • Shirley Chambers: Manager
  • Jennifer Shull:  Accountant Technician I
  • Rebecca Ogden: Third Party Billing and Collection Specialist
  • Nick Williams:  Business Data Analyst

Loan Office
(775) 784-6091

  • Mary Anguiano: Accountant Technician II
  • Elena Lopez:  Accounting Assistant II

The Cashier's Office is responsible for student fee assessment and collection, distribution of related fees, and Financial Aid Disbursements (including Scholarships, Loans, Grants, Computer Loan Distribution, Collection of Federal Perkins, Nursing, Primary Care Loans, University Loans, Blundell Loans, Emergency Loans).

A detailed explanation of student fees can be found in the General Course Catalog, Tuition and Fees section.

The Cashier's Office is also responsible for issuing non-student related receipts, the deposit of all other funds received by the university, control and distribution of payroll checks (not including direct deposit), accounts payable checks, travel check disbursement, employee check reimbursements, travel advance checks, or other university checks directed for pickup by the individual departments.

The Student Loan Office is responsible for the financial administration of university and federal student loan programs and the faculty and staff computer loan program inclusive of disbursements, collections, billing and financial reporting.