Department Contacts

DutiesAP ProcessorPhone Number
A & P-Z - Merchant names, construction, utilities, and telephone payments, processes all refunds except travel Ruby Swartz 682-9015
B-O - Merchant names, refund vouchers Kalyn Denning 682-9012
Auditor of all A/P payments including independent contractor payments and guest speakers, back up for daily check printing Sara Kilgore 784-1211
IPOs, IIVs, TVs, and postage forms, add vendors and direct deposit information Dirk Tewes 784-4163
Wire transfers, checks that need to be stopped or canceled, request for copies of issued checks, A/P check printing, JVs, in charge of petty cash Kim Isom 682-9013
Works rejected transactions, add vendors and direct deposit information Sunny Remneff 784-4170
All U.S. and foreign Independent Contractors, Guest Speakers, and participant support payments Kellie Grahmann 784-1404


  • AP Processors have 7 working days (from the AP date stamp) to process the requested payment.
  • Wire requests are due no later then 11:00 a.m. on the day before the wire needs to be sent out.