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Sponsored Projects Roles and Responsibilities

Part of the Division of Research and Innovation, the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) provides sponsored projects administration services for the University of Nevada, Reno (University). Below is a list of responsibilities related to proposal preparation and submission undertaken by the OSP pre-award team.


  • Assists faculty in identifying and obtaining funding for research, training and scholarly activities.
  • Assists faculty in proposal and pre-award processing.
  • Identifies funding opportunities for both general University information and specific areas of interest to research faculty.
  • Advises principal investigator (PI) and University staff regarding federal, state, local government and other funding agencies' rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Reviews the MANDATORY - OSP-1 Transmittal eform within InfoEd and any other required internal forms (OSP-22, OSP-11).
  • Reviews all proposals prior to submission (including revisions, supplements and continuations) for accuracy, correctness and legal sufficiency considering agency requirements and University policies. Pre-award administrators routinely check application format, budgets and other parts of the proposal as part of the review process.
  • Communicates with PI and staff about any revisions required to comply with sponsor or University policies.
  • Communicates with PI about any revisions that may strengthen the proposal.
  • Advocates and acts as a steward for the policies and procedures of the University, vice president for research and sponsoring agency.
  • Submits proposals as the authorized representative for the University.

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