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Proposal Routing and Approval

All sponsored project proposals and/or applications must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) prior to being submitted to the sponsor.

  • OSP assists the principal investigator (PI) by reviewing the proposal for compliance with sponsor guidelines and University of Nevada, Reno (University) requirements.
  • OSP has the legal and fiduciary responsibility to ensure compliance with all University, sponsor, state and federal regulations, laws, and policies.

The full proposal must arrive at OSP a minimum of five (5) full working days prior to submission deadline. This lead time allows OSP to fully review the sponsor’s requirements and the proposal. Further, any revisions to a previously submitted proposal must also be reviewed by OSP prior to submission to the sponsor.

Proposals Arriving Late to OSP

In the event that a proposal arrives to OSP on the deadline day, pre-award will not perform the typical proposal review. Rather, the focus will solely be on submitting the proposal in time to meet the sponsor deadline. It should be noted that submission of a proposal often implies agreement to the sponsor's award terms and conditions. During the pre-award review, unfavorable award terms and conditions are proactively addressed. However, when a proposal is submitted without ample time for pre-award review, there is not only the potential for an incomplete or inaccurate submission but also the risk of unfavorable award terms and conditions. If OSP is unable to negotiate the unfavorable award terms and conditions, the University reserves the right to decline the award.

Proposal Entry and Routing Process

The University utilizes electronic software system, InfoEd, as a repository for sponsored projects proposals. Further, the internal approval routing process occurs within InfoEd. Please let your assigned OSP research administrator know about your intention to submit a proposal to an external sponsor as soon as possible. Research administrators are available to answer your questions regarding proposal requirements, budget preparation, University forms and InfoEd. OSP will officially approve proposals only after the internal routing process is completed in InfoEd. Proposals can be submitted to the sponsor only after OSP has received the proposal.

All proposals must be entered into InfoEd and routed for internal approvals through InfoEd. One must first attend InfoEd training in order to become an InfoEd user.

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