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Guidelines and Submission Resources

A key role of the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) is to review sponsored project proposals prior to submission to ensure accuracy, correctness and legal sufficiency considering agency requirements and University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) policies. Pre-award administrators routinely check application format, budgets and other parts of the proposal during their review process. In order to allow ample time for The following sponsored project proposal materials are due to the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) a minimum of five business days prior to the proposal submission deadline:

  • Complete, finalized proposal including scope of work, budget and budget justification. (Upload proposal materials to InfoEd proposal record.*)
  • Completed MANDATORY - OSP-1 Transmittal eForm. (Complete form in InfoEd when creating proposal record.)
  • Internal project approvals from the principal investigator (PI), other participating key personnel, department chair(s)/director(s) and college dean(s)/unit VP(s). (Electronic approvals will be gathered in InfoEd during the internal approval routing process.)
  • If cost share/match is required by sponsor, documentation (via a completed OSP-11 Cost Share form) of funds to be used in meeting cost share/match requirement. (Upload completed form to InfoEd proposal record.)
  • If sponsor requires UNR to use an F&A rate that is lower than UNR's full, applicable rate, documentation of sponsor's F&A rate policy. (Upload sponsor F&A policy to InfoEd proposal record.)

*Note: To manage its sponsored projects, UNR utilizes InfoEd, an electronic grants management system. All UNR sponsored project proposals must be entered into InfoEd and routed for internal approval via InfoEd. The proposal materials indicated above should be included in the proposal record created in InfoEd.

Specific guideline and submission information for PIs:

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