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Fiscal Management of Sponsored Projects


OSP is responsible for the submission of invoices for reimbursement of expenditures incurred in the process of conducting sponsored research and other sponsored activity. The sponsor award document will dictate the type and frequency of invoicing. Some of the mechanisms used to collect funds from the agency are a UNR generated invoice, Letter of Credit, Standard Form 270 (Request for Reimbursement), or other specific agency form(s). The sponsored projects office will monitor and track outstanding invoices through the accounts receivable module in Advantage.

Electronic Drawdown of Federal Funds:

Under the terms of certain awards with some federal agencies, the university can drawdown funds via electronic systems. Once an award is in place, a University of Nevada, Reno account is set up, the work has commenced, and expenditures are incurred, OSP can process a drawdown of funds. The following guidelines are followed:

  • Drawdowns are done only by appropriate and authorized OSP staff
  • Funds are not drawndown in advance of actual expenditures (unless directed by the sponsoring agency)
  • Drawdown occurs as close as possible to the actual expenditure of funds
  • The amount drawndown should not exceed the actual expenditures
  • Individual terms/conditions of agencies or specific awards will be followed as appropriate

Financial Reports:

OSP is responsible for the submission and reporting of financial information that is in accordance with the requirements and frequency specified by the sponsor. The financial information reported will be obtained from the official accounting records.

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