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Award Negotiation and Acceptance

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) reviews all award documents for a variety of terms and conditions that are not acceptable to the University as a public entity of the State of Nevada. The OSP director has signature authority on contracts up to $1M and no longer than five years duration. Agreements for more than this amount of money or time require countersignature by the NSHE chancellor in order to be binding on the University System. Signature authority and particular system-wide concerns are set forth in the chancellor’s policy. It is OSP’s role to negotiate contractual terms and conditions. OSP will consult with principal investigators regarding technical and budgetary concerns of contracts and/or any terms and conditions that may cause administrative or legal difficulty to a particular project. We find that there are fewer post-contract administrative and legal difficulties when OSP is primarily involved in contract negotiations instead of receiving an agreement after an individual UNR employee has attempted to negotiate the agreement on their own.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Office of Sponsored Projects.

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