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Effort Reporting

What is effort reporting?

Effort reporting is the process of confirming that an employee's payroll distribution reflects a reasonable estimate of the employee's actual effort on all institutional activities.  It assures a sponsor that 1) the sponsor only paid for the amount of effort that directly benefited the project and 2) the employee met his or her effort commitment to the project.  Effort reporting is also the method for recording personnel expenses that are being used to meet a match/cost share requirement. The University of Nevada, Reno utilizes a web-based program, Effort Reporting System (ERS), to review and certify effort.

The Office of Sponsored Projects offers monthly effort reporting training sessions as well as a video tutorial series.
If you have questions about effort reporting or would like to register for a training, please contact:

Michele Dondanville
Research Compliance Program Manager
(775) 784-6360

Links to effort reporting tools and information:

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