Training for Human Subjects Research

This training is required for all study personnel and must be taken at least every five years.  A passing score is 80%.  

Instructions for Human Subject Research (Basic Course) CITI Training for Research Study Team

  1. Go to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) login page.
  2. Register as a new user
    Note: if you already have a log in and password, skip to # 6 (below)
  3. Be sure to locate University of Nevada, Reno in the drop down options
  4. When you get to the options for which training you would like to take, scroll down to Question 1: Human Subject Research (Basic Course) choose either Group 1 or Group 2, whichever most closely matches your discipline
    Note: For Human Subjects Research, this is all that is required from the IRB as a Basic Course
    Note: You may have other requirements such as Conflict of Interest (COI) or Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) Training from other sources
    Screenshot of CITI course enrollment procedures detailed in steps 1-4.
  5. Scroll down and click on continue. You will be taken back to your home page where you will see "Not Started - Enter."
    Note: You may start and stop the modules as many times as needed, log out and back in as time permits, it will pick up where you left off.
  6. Log in using your registered username and password. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, send an e-mail to and she will e-mail the information back to you.
  7. From your homepage, click on: "Add a course or update your learner groups"
    A screenshot of CITI, showing available courses
  8. Scroll down to question 1: Human Subject Research (Basic Course) and choose the module that most closely matches your discipline
  9. Return to #4 (above) and complete through #5 (above)

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