Initial Education Requirement to Conduct Human Subjects Research

All persons involved in the design, implementation, review, and oversight of human research conducted or supported by the University must complete and maintain the required training to fulfill their obligations to conduct ethical and scientifically-sound research; and to adequately protect human subjects (see the RIO policy manual for training requirements or follow the links below for specific information). 

University and affiliate* researchers are required to complete one or more Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) ethics training courses.

All researchers are required to complete Human Subject Research training

Researchers conducting funded research should determine if the following additional requirements apply to their research:

Public Health Service training

National Science Foundation training

Researchers, IRB members and chairs, and the RIO Director and staff must complete the requisite CITI modules with an overall competency level of 80%.

*VA researchers must comply with VA training requirements. For information, see the VA Human Subject Research page of the RIO website.

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