Announcing the Ignite Integrity contest winners

To view the complete 2022 contest entries, please visit Research Integrity & Security in Ross Hall, room 218.

First prize, $200 gift card

Ria Anand

Ria's submission, Who bears the cost?, demonstrates the importance of integrity. It emphasizes the responsibility of researchers to bear the pressure that comes with doing things properly. Our community relies on them to be transparent and honest when delivering information.

A crop of Ria's drawing which shows a researcher carrying out her duties with integrity, despite the pressure depicted in her head.
A clip from Ria's drawing.

Second prize, $100 gift card

Abigail Glaesman

Just Ask For Help Next Time warns students of the dangers of abandoning their integrity. Abigail's drawing illustrates how one bad decision can turn into many bad decisions. This piece is a reminder to ask for help if you need it, instead of taking the easy way out.

A crop of Abigail's drawing that shows a cartoon-style person falling along with notes and books, saying "Oh no..."
A clip from Abigail's drawing.

Allison Denilofs

Allison's animation, Faulty Bricks, illustrates how improperly building your foundation in school can affect your future career. Showing integrity, even when it seems insignificant, paves the way to success.  As the animation demonstrates, if you build a weak foundation, the goals that depend on it will crumble.

A frame from Allison's animation, which shows a stack of bricks labeled with different class names, with a big brick on top that reads "Employment." Some bricks are deteriorating at the bottom.
A frame from Allison's animation.

Honorable mentions, $50 gift card

Ray Braiteh

Ray's drawing, Hall of Integrity, depicts students learning about integrity from great historical figures like Albert Einstein. Ray's message is that to be as successful as someone like Einstein, you must have the honesty and moral sense that comes with having integrity. 

Alyssa Long

Integrity is the name of Alyssa's poem submission. It expresses how the value of integrity and our community is intertwined. In order to defend our community, one has to defend integrity too.

Arely Perez Lopez

Arely's drawing, Publishing, demonstrates the importance of peer review and the responsibility of researchers to uphold academic integrity in publishing. Peer reviews are crucial to the credibility of research, which this artwork emphasizes.