Announcing the 2020 Ignite Integrity contest winners

To view these contest entries, please visit Research Integrity in Ross Hall, room 218.

First prize, $200 gift card

Dominique Alexander

Dominique’s submission goes beyond the traditional definition of integrity that describes honesty and moral rightness. This drawing illustrates integrity as wholeness and the consequence one faces when they compromise their integrity.

Dominique's illustration depicts integrity as wholeness. This drawing shows the consequence of compromising one's integrity.
A clip from Dominique's drawing.

Second prize, $100 gift card

Yukta Mehtaji

Watched is Yukta’s drawing that reveals how society’s advancement of technology and growing use of social media make it increasingly difficult to know when people are acting with integrity or acting for the benefit of the screen. Yukta’s submission represents the prevalence of covert cheating in academia and how acting unethically in private can outweigh good actions that are done in public.

Watched is Yukta's illustration that reveals society's struggle to act with integrity. This piece exposes the prevalence of covert cheating in academia.
A clip from Yukta's drawing.

Ashley Jacks

Ashley’s submission demonstrates how integrity influences the decision between right and wrong and the importance of our values as individuals. The illustration conveys the idea that you do not need others watching to do the right thing.

Ashley's illustration demonstrates how one's level of integrity influences their decision making. Her submission highlights the importance of our values as individuals.
A clip from Ashley's illustration.

Third prize, $50 gift card

Megan Bernardo

Megan’s submission, a Research Integrity party invitation, emphasizes what it means for research to have integrity. Research integrity means being credible, reliable and honest. This invitation reminds you to consistently commit to honesty in your work regardless of the circumstances.

Elaine Mangini

Elaine’s poem, Mandated Reporter, is about acting with integrity and sticking to your morals especially when it comes to making family related decisions. This poem emphasizes our duty to the truth and ethical decision making.