Careers in nursing

Interested in an exciting, professional, well-paid career in health care? This is the time to investigate nursing. There is a shortage of nurses that will last well into the next few decades and well-educated nurses are in great demand. (Information on the nursing workforce and information on how to find a nursing job).

Nursing offers multiple opportunities for practice, leadership, research, and teaching roles. Positions are open for both men and women in hospitals, community health care agencies, schools, public health, industry, the military, and even nurse-managed and independent practice settings.

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How do I become a nurse as a newly graduated high school student?

There are multiple ways to become a nurse. For newly graduated high school students there are two entry-levels of education to become a Registered Nurse (RN).

Associate degree (community colleges) programs are two or more years in length and upon completion of the program, award an associate degree in nursing (ADN). Graduates are eligible to sit for licensure examination to become an RN and they are prepared for staff-level positions in hospitals and health care agencies. They are eligible to continue with their education to earn a BSN and some schools of nursing offer seamless entries into master's programs.

Baccalaureate programs are a minimum of four-years in length and award the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Graduates are eligible to sit for the RN exam and they are prepared for staff-level positions in hospitals, health care agencies, and in public health. They are eligible to continue with their education to earn a graduate degree in nursing (MSN).

How do I become a nurse as a college graduate?

College graduates who possess a degree in another field other than nursing have several options open to them for becoming a nurse. They can add on to their degrees by completing an associate degree program, enter a baccalaureate program and earn a second degree, or enter an entry-level graduate program for either a master's degree or doctorate. Depending upon the degree they receive, ADN or BSN graduates practice as entry-level staff nurses or if they receive graduate degrees, they practice in advanced roles.

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NNA (Nevada Nurses Association)

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