Adult gerontology acute care nurse practitioner

The Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP) Advanced Graduate Certificate program prepares nurses who completed a minimum of an MSN  and/or nurses who are licensed and nationally certified as an APRN to provide advanced practice in acute care settings through a program of study focused on the care of acutely ill patients and their families.

An AGACNP can diagnose and treat medical conditions. In collaboration with the physician and other members of the healthcare team, AGACNPs provide direct care to patients in a variety of settings from hospital admission through discharge.

With an increasing inpatient population of the acutely and critically ill, research has shown that nurse practitioners within these settings demonstrated evidence of reducing length of stay, hospital costs and patient complications, while improving communication among the heath care team, along with patient and family satisfaction.

Note: Students who are enrolled in this program solely are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

Upon completion of the AGANCP track, the graduate is able to:

  • Synthesize theoretical, scientific and contemporary clinical knowledge for the assessment and management of both health and illness states.
  • Implement clinical reasoning and builds collaborative intra- and inter-professional relationships to provide optimal care to patients.
  • Provide patient-centered, quality care to the adult and older adult population within the acute and critical care settings through incorporation of health promotion, health protection, disease prevention and treatment.
  • Impart knowledge and individualize therapies through the activities of advocacy, modeling and teaching.
  • Apply evidence-based practice designed to improve quality of care and health outcomes, by overseeing and directing the delivery of clinical services within an integrated system of health care.