Prerequisite checklist

University pre-nursing candidates submit an application for the nursing major a semester prior to admission to the BSN Program. Applicants must satisfy all prerequisites and may have up to 16 credits in progress at the time of application. No more than 4 science credits can be in progress at the time of application. CHEM and BIOL lecture and lab courses must be within the past 7 years. See additional guidelines and course descriptions at the Traditional BSN Program Catalog Listing found at Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

All prerequisite course grades must be a grade of “C” or better. The admission GPA is calculated from the grades earned in the areas noted with ** below. This admission GPA must be a minimum of 3.0. The total number of prerequisite credits (University Core and Nursing Major Prerequisites) is 61 credits.

Courses marked with ** are used to calculate your admissions GPA, which must be a minimum of 3.0

As of March 2023, the Fall 2023 application and beyond do not require Organic Chem.

University Silver Core Curriculum (34 credits)
Course Prerequisites Credits Core Objective
ENG 101 Composition I n/a 3 C01 & C03 Critical Analysis & Use of Information
ENG 102 Composition II n/a 3 C01 & C03 Critical Analysis & Use of Information
**Core Math: MATH 126 (Precalculus I) or higher ACT Score of 22, SAT score of 530, or MATH 096 with a “C” or above or an “S” 3 C02 Quantitative Reasoning
**General Chemistry I and associated lab
Completion of MATH 126 or higher

Course: 3 

Lab: 1

C04/C04L Natural Sciences
**Nutrition: NUTR 223 Principles of Nutrition
3 C04/C04L Natural Sciences
Core Humanities:CH 201 or CH 202 or CH 212 and CH 203
Core English requirement
must be completed before taking Core Humanities Courses. Students who place into English 102 are not required to
complete English 101
C05 History and Culture & C08 U.S. and Nevada Constitutions
Social Science: PSY/ANTH/SOC/or WMST 101
n/a 3
C06 Social Science
Fine Arts: Courses verified for CO7 n/a 3
C07 Fine Art
n/a 3
C011 Global Context
Capstone & Integration & Synthesis: Courses verified for CO13
Junior standing (greater than 60
C013 Capstone & Integration & Synthesis

University Core requirements C09, C010, C012, and C014 are satisfied by courses within BSN major.

Nursing major prerequisites

Science prerequisite

  • BIOL 189A or BIOL 190 (3 credits)
    • Prerequisites: CHEM 121A and CHEM 121L

**Anatomy & Physiology I

  • BIOL 223A (3 credits)
  • BIOL 223L (1 credits)
    • Prerequisite: BIOL 189A or BIOL 190A with a C- or better
    • Co-requisite: BIOL 223L

**Anatomy & Physiology II

  • BIOL 224A (3 credits)
  • BIOL 224L (1 credits)
    • Prerequisite: BIOL 223A and BIOL 223L with a C or better
    • Co-requisite: BIOL 224L

**General Microbiology

  • BIOL 251 (4 credits)
    • Prerequisite: BIOL 189A or BIOL 190A with a grade of C- or better

**Lifespan Human Development

  • HDFS 201 (3 credits)


Approved courses are listed below (choose one). The communication prerequisite can satisfy a maximum of two prerequisite requirements.
  • CHS 310 Health and Wellness Communication (3 credits)
    • Prerequisite: CHS 101; ENG 102; Junior or Senior standing
  • PBH 310 Health and Wellness Communication (3 credits)
    • Prerequisite(s): PHB 101 or JOUR 103, ENG 102; and junior or senior standing. Recommended preparation PBH 211
  • COM 202 Interpersonal Listening: Theory and Application (3 credits)
  • COM 302 Issues in Interpersonal Communication
    • Recommended preparation: COM 113; COM 212
  • COM 315 Small Group Communication (3 credits)
  • COM 407 Gender and Communication (3 credits)
    • Prerequisite(s): COM 113; COM 212
  • COM 412 Intercultural Communication (3 credits)
    • Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing (greater than 60 credits)
  • COM 434 Communication and Conflict Resolution (3 credits)
    • Prerequisite(s): COM 113; COM 212 or CRJ 301


Approved courses are listed below (choose one).
  • PSY 210 Statistical Methods (3 credits)
    • Prerequisite PSY 101; completion of University Core Curriculum Mathematics requirement
  • APST 207 Practical Statistics (3 credits)
    • Prerequisite(s) ACT Math score of 22 or SAT Math score of 500 or revised SAT Math score of 530 or Accuplacer QAS of 276 and AAF of 263 or MATH 120 or MATH 126 or higher
  • APST 270 Introduction to Statistical Methods (3 credits)
    • Prerequisite(s) ACT Math score of 27 or SAT math score of 610 or revised SAT score of 630 or Accuplacer QAS of 276 and AAF of 276 or Math 126 or higher
  • STAT 152 Introduction to Statistics (3 credits)
    • Prerequisite(s): ACT score of 27 or SAT score of 610 or revised SAT score of 630 or MATH 126 with C- or better. Credit may not be received for STAT 152 if credit has already been awarded for STAT 352 and above
  • CHS 280 Introduction to Biostatistics in Public Health (3 credits)
    • Prerequisite(s): MATH 126 or higher
  • PBH 281 Introduction to Biostatistics in Public Health
    • Prerequisite(s): MATH 126 or higher


  • NURS 407 - Pathophysiology: A Conceptual Approach (3 credits)