Core descriptions and equipment lists: COBRE – Integrative Neuroscience

Neuroimaging Resources Core

The Neuroimaging Resources Core in the Psychology Department is designed to support training, use, and analysis of a variety of structural and functional neural imaging techniques. The core houses workstations and software for neuroimaging analyses, cellular imaging, and microscopy. The core also provides access to near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), a high-density electroencephalogram (EEG), confocal microscopy, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) (Renown Health), and a small animal magnetic resonance imager (MRI) (UC Davis).

Director: Lars Strother | (775) 682-8695
COBRE/INBRE Confocal Core Manager: Hannah Jordan | (775) 682-0650

Equipment List

  • TechEn 32-channel laser near-infrared spectroscopy system
  • Electro Geodesics, Inc. 256-channel Net Amps 300 high-density EEG system
  • Electro Geodesics, Inc. 3D photogrammetry system
  • 8-channel digital to analog converter + 1 photodiode for high resolution timing verification
  • Leica TCS SP8 confocal microscope system with Volocity 3D analysis software
  • Software for neuroimaging data analysis: AFNI, BrainVoyager, Matlab
  • fMRI (Renown Health): 3-Tesla Philips Ingenia system (Philips Medical Systems; software version 4.1.1), 32-channel digital SENSE head coil, Invivo SensaVue visual projection system, Sensimetrics S14 MR compliant earphones, Cedrus, Inc. MR-compatible fiber-optic response boxes connected via fiber optic cable to a Cedrus, Inc. optoelectronic Lumina controller unit

For equipment documentation, including manuals and specifications, contact Becky Albion.

Special Populations Database Core

The Special Populations Database Core focuses its research on brain disorders such as stroke, blindness, injury and even forms of colorblindness. This research is fundamental in expanding the understanding of these unusual conditions and the effects of brain trauma on learning, awareness, and memory.

Co-Director: Elysse Kompaniez-Dunigan | (775) 784-4711
Co-Director: Wei Yang | (775) 682-7094