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The Cellular and Molecular Imaging (CMI) core facility of the Integrative Neuroscience COBRE center provides users with instruments and services for analyzing and quantification of biomolecules, and microscopic investigation of cells, tissues, organs, and small animals with imaging capabilities for brightfield and fluorescent microscopy. The core maintains several state-of-the-art microscopy instruments including a Leica SP8 confocal with LIGHTNING capabilities, a Scientifica two-photon microscope, a Leica THUNDER 3D-tissue and a Model organism with computational-clearing capabilities. The core also maintains multiple instruments for imaging, analyzing and quantifying DNA, RNA and protein such as a Typhoon Phosphoimager, automated PCR-pipetting robot and Real-Time PCR machines. Finally, the core has modern work space and storage for the culture of insect and mammalian cells with instruments including a Microfluidic Cell Sorter and microscope systems.

We like to keep track of our scientific contributions; please send us an email when your research is published. For grant proposals, we can provide support letters and core instrument information used for your research project. To acknowledge our core funding in your publications, please use P30 GM145646 and/or P20 GM103650. Use P20 for grant years from before July 2022 and P30 after; funding that spans both terms should use both numbers.

Core Location

Director and staff

CMI Core
Alexander van der Linden
Biology Department Chair, Professor and Director of Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core
(775) 784-6080
FA 339
CMI Core
Andrew Yanez
Core Imaging Specialist
(775) 682-8624

Equipment supported by the Cellular and Molecular Core

Services provided to users

  • Self-use hourly rates through iLab scheduling
  • Training and assisted use hourly rates for imaging specimens by core staff through iLab
  • Free consultation and technical support of core instruments
  • Smaller equipment is free of charge.

Information for new and existing users

For iLab onboarding, training of new users, and assisted use, please contact Andrew Yanez at For general information about the core and support letters for grant proposals, please contact Dr. Alexander van der Linden ( 

  • University clients: If you already have an account, log into iLab with your NetID and go to the ‘Schedule Equipment’ tab. If you are a new user, please register an account on iLab.
  • Non-University clients: Please contact Andrew Yanez at and Alexander van der Linden at
  • Visit the iLab Help Site further guidance using iLab Solutions
  • Recharge Rates: The core uses hourly rates for major equipment.