Edward "Ned" Schoolman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies
Ned Schoolman


I am a historian of the medieval world with a focus on Italy from the sixth century to the 11th century, but have strong interests in other areas. While my current research is based on textual sources (charters and narratives), my background was in archaeological and I still gravitate towards objects, places and their contexts.

Research Interests

My current research extends in three directions, covering the aristocracy and origins of hereditary nobility in Medieval Romagna and Tuscany, the expression of "Greekness" in Early Medieval Italy and the changing patterns in land management and use (in collaboration with Scott Mensing in the University's Geography Department).

My book, Rediscovering Sainthood in Italy: Hagiography and the Late Antique Past, which appeared in Palgrave's New Middle Ages series in 2016, examined the political and social conditions in which old saints were restored and new saints were created. In particular, I focus on the case of "Barbatianus" - a saint said to have been the confessor to the fifth-century empress Galla Placidia - whose cult is restored in Ravenna in the 10th century during a period of rapid transformations.

In addition, I have recently co-edited the proceedings of a conference with Marianne Sághy, Pagans and Christians in the Late Roman Empire: New Evidence, New Approaches (fourth-eighth centuries), published in 2017 with Central European University Press in the Medievalia series.

Courses Taught

  • CH 201: Ancient and Medieval Cultures
  • HIST 105: European Civilization to 1648
  • HIST 208: Introduction to World History
  • HIST 289: Introduction to the History of the Middle East
  • HIST 372: Ancient Civilizations II: Roman History
  • HIST 373: Medieval Civilizations
  • HIST 374: History of the Byzantine Empire
  • HIST 454/654: Topics in Medieval History (three different courses: "Conflict and Contact in the Medieval Mediterranean," "Ravenna between East and West, North and South 400-1200," "Monks and Monasticism")
  • HIST 456/656: Topics in Ancient History ("Elites in the Late Roman Empire/Late Antiquity")
  • HIST 491B: Women in Medieval Civilization
  • HIST 498/698: Advanced Historical Studies (1-credit seminars: "Slavery in the Roman World," "Holy Wars: Medieval Perspectives on the Crusades")
  • HIST 710: Seminar in Medieval History ("Medieval Historiography")


  • Rediscovering Sainthood in Italy: Hagiography and the Late Antique Past in Medieval Ravenna, The New Middle Ages, (New York: Palgrave, 2016)

Edited Volumes

  • M. Sághy (eds.), Pagans and Christians in the Late Roman Empire: New Evidence, New Approaches(4th-8th centuries), Medievalia Series (Budapest: CEU Press, 2017)


  • Scott A. Mensing, Irene Tunno, Paula Noble, Leonardo Sagnotti, Fabio Florindo, Gianluca Piovesan, "Ecologic change is linked directly to sociopolitical transformation in central Italy since the Roman period" Science Reports 8 (2018), 2138
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  • "Reassessing the Sarcophagi of Ravenna" Dumbarton Oaks Papers 67 (2013), 49-67


  • "Dux to Episcopus: From Controlling Cities to Sees in Byzantine Italy, 554-900" in Thomas Macmaster and Nicholas Matheu, Ravenna, Italy and the Medieval Mediterranean World: Cities, Elites and Communities after Antiquity (Ashgate, forthcoming 2019)
  • "Image and Function in ‘Christian' and ‘Pagan' Late Antique Terracotta Lamps" in M. Sághy and E. Schoolman (eds.), Pagans and Christians in the Late Roman Empire: New Evidence, New Approaches (4th-8th centuries), (Budapest: CEU Press, 2017)
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  • Ph.D., History, University of California, Los Angeles, 2010
  • M.A., Archaeology, University College London, 2003
  • B.A., History, University of Chicago, 2001