Dennis Dworkin, Ph.D.

Department Chair; Professor
Dennis Dworkin


Dennis Dworkin is an intellectual historian of Britain, Ireland and Europe who specializes in cultural theory and theories of nationalism. He is currently working on the Jamaica-born, British cultural theorist Stuart Hall, to be published by Duke University Press.


  • British history
  • European intellectual history
  • cultural theory
  • Modern Jewish history
  • Modern Italian history

Courses Taught

  • HIST 393: England and the British Empire I
  • HIST 394: England and the British Empire II
  • HIST 427/627: Studies in European Intellectual History
  • HIST 427a/627a: Culture and Society in European History
  • HIST 465a/665a: Culture and Society in England, 1783-1867
  • HIST 465b/665b: Making of Contemporary Great Britain, 1945-Present
  • HIST 465c/665c (Capstone): Modern Ireland and National Identity
  • HIST 700: Cultural Studies and History CH 202: The Modern World


  • The Making of Modern Ireland, 1798-1922: An Anthology of Sources (Indianapolis IN/Cambridge MA: Hackett Publishing, 2012).
  • Sinif Mücadeleleri (Class Struggles), trans. Utku Özmakas (Istanbul: Iletisim Publishing House, 2012).
  • 文化马克思主义在战后英国 ( Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain: History, the New Left and the Origins of Cultural Studies), trans., Fengdan Li (Beijing: The People's Press, 2009).
  • Edited special issue of Rethinking History on politics and history, vol. 13, no. 4 (2009).
  • Class Struggles (London: Pearson Longman 2007).
  • Begoña Aretxaga, Joseba Gabilondo, Joseba Zulaika, eds., E mpire and Terror: Nationalism/Postnationalism in the New Millennium (Reno NV: University of Nevada Press, 2005).
  • Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain: History, the New Left, and the Origins of Cultural Studies. Post-Contemporary Interventions, ed. Stanley Fish and Fredric Jameson (Durham: Duke University Press, 1997).
  • Leslie Roman, eds., Views Beyond the Border Country: Raymond Williams and Cultural Politics, with an Introduction by Dennis Dworkin and Leslie Roman (London: Routledge, Chapman and Hall, 1993).


  • Ph.D, University of Chicago, 1990