Graduate Degrees

Preparing future leaders in Education, Counseling, and Human Development and Family Science through high-impact education.

The University of Nevada, Reno College of Education and Human Development prepares graduate students to become the leaders, scholars, and innovators in their field. Serving as Nevada's leading R1 research institution, the College of Education and Human Development is committed to pursuing knowledge that addresses the important educational needs of today. Students at the University of Nevada, Reno enjoy a rich college experience in a personalized setting where opportunities for interacting with accomplished faculty and sophisticated technology abound.

Master's Degrees

Counseling and Educational Psychology

College of Education & Human Development graduate degrees include emphases in marriage, family, and couples counseling; school counseling; clinical mental health therapy/counseling, and information technology in education.

Master of Arts in Counseling (MA)

Educational Leadership

The study of leadership allows individuals to examine the fundamental institutions in society, to develop skills in research and analysis, and to prepare to enter challenging and influential roles in many areas.

Master of Arts in Higher Education (MA)

Master of Education in Educational Leadership (MEd)

Elementary Education

The education program enables students to develop a strong foundation of knowledge about teaching and learning, display a love of learning, value democracy and pluralism, and engage in reflective practice about one's growth as a teacher.

Master of Education in Elementary Education (MEd)

Master of Science in Elementary Education (MS)

Equity and Diversity in Education (Online)

This program allows educators and those in related fields to enhance their knowledge, skills, and dispositions to work more effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Master of Science in Equity and Diversity in Education (MS)

Human Development and Family Science

The program prepares students for a variety of careers such as administrators of child development or family services programs, child development specialists, school age program coordinators, youth program specialists, community education instructors, parent educators, family financial planners, consumer advocates and family public policy advocates.

Master of Science in Human Development and Family Science (MS)

Reading, Curriculum and Instruction (Online)

Literacy is essential to learning, multidimensional in nature, and influenced by linguistic, psychological, and sociocultural factors.

Reading Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.)

Secondary Education

The Secondary Education Program is committed to preparing teachers who are able to meet the challenges of today's classrooms.

Master of Secondary Education (MEd)

Special Education

Special Education trains undergraduate and graduate-level teachers in working with students with a variety of disabilities.

Master of Special Education (MEd)

Nevada Department of Education Alternate Route to Licensure (ARL) in Special Education

Ph.D. Degrees

Ph.D. in Education: Counselor Education and Supervision

This area of emphasis is an excellent fit for individuals who wish to pursue counselor education and counseling leadership positions, excelling in research, writing, teaching, service, securing external funding, assuming professional leadership roles in the counseling field, and providing clinical supervision.

Ph.D. in Education: Educational Leadership

This area of emphasis focuses on advanced leadership preparation as it applies to K-12 or to higher education settings. The Ph.D. prepares students for leadership or teaching at the college level or for roles in policy analysis and research. The Ed.D. option is available in this area of concentration for practicing professionals in K-12.

Ph.D. in Education: Equity, Diversity, & Language Education

This program allows educators and those in related fields to enhance their knowledge, skills, and dispositions to work more effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Ph.D. in Education: Human Development and Family Science

The Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Science provides students with a strong foundation in developmental, interpersonal, and family theories, in-depth research skills and expertise, and builds in-depth knowledge in a content area chosen by the student in consultation with their advisor.

Ph.D. in Education: Information Technology in Education

This emphasis area provides advanced training for educators or prospective educators a strong theoretical and practical foundation in dynamic instructional design, and concurrent knowledge and skills to integrate contemporary digital technology in a variety of educational and training settings.

Ph.D. in Education: Literacy Studies

Literacy instruction and its intersection with English language learning and issues of culture and diversity are the foci of this emphasis area.

Ph.D. in Education: Special Education and Disability Studies

Study in this area of emphasis on issues of disability as they apply to education and human service agencies. Students may focus broadly across disability areas and age ranges, or they may focus more narrowly. Courses are available in the categorical areas of learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorders, autism, intellectual disabilities and severe multiple disabilities, and early childhood special education. Cross-categorical courses are also offered, as well as special topics courses related to key contemporary issues in special education.

Ph.D. in Education: STEM Education

This emphasis area explores the effective teaching of math and science, as well as applications of various technologies in these fields and their impact on society.  Students may focus on math or science education specifically, but will have a broad exposure to the MSTS area.

Looking for a Graduate Assistantship?

The College of Education & Human Development has a limited number of Graduate Assistantships for full-time students admitted to masters or doctoral programs.

Graduate Assistantship