Nursing Education, Advanced Graduate Certificate

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Susan Ervin
(775) 682-7153

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Master's in Science in Nursing

Note: This program is open to nurses with a master's or doctoral degree in nursing who plan to or are teaching in schools of nursing or are in roles as nurse educators in staff development or health education.

Required classes for certificate in Nursing Education
Call Number Course Title Number of Credits

NURS 760*

Care of Specialized Populations


NURS 780

Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Nursing


NURS 781

Instructional Design & Evaluation in Nursing Education


NURS 782

The Role of Nurse Educator


NURS 783

Nursing Education Role Practicum


Total Credits/Units: 17

* Graduates of master's or doctorate's in nursing that included an advanced nursing practice theory course(s) with associated clinical practice may transfer in credits to meet this requirement.

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