Undergraduate Students

chemistry students


The department offers the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree with four emphases:

Minors in chemistry are also available.  Please continue to the Degrees page for more details.


For all students:

Undergraduate students who need advising for Chemistry programs should contact:
Current Chemistry Majors:

  • Advising for current Chemistry majors with surnames beginning with the letters A - M:
    Professor Sarah Cummings, Chemistry Major Advisor (Room 123 Chemistry Building, 775-682-6457, sac@unr.edu)
  • Advising for current Chemistry majors with surnames beginning with the letters N - Z:
    Professor Lyndsay Munro, Chemistry Major Advisor (Room 122 Chemistry Building, 775-784-1942, lmunro@unr.edu)

New Chemistry Majors:

Depending upon their mathematics preparation, Freshman chemistry majors should take CHEM 201 (preferable) or CHEM 121 (acceptable).  Additional information is available on the course advising page and in the Chemistry Major's Handbook

Chemistry Minors:

Fill out the Chemistry Minor Application and turn it into the Department Office (Room 213 Chemistry Building, 775-784-6041)

Transfer Courses and Special Cases:

For transfer course approvals, course substitutions, or waivers:  Professor Sean Casey, Director of Undergraduate Studies (Room 027 Chemistry Building, 775-784-4133, scasey@unr.edu)
Or contact the department office (CB 213, 775-784-6041).

Advising Forms

Advisement forms can be downloaded from the Undergraduate Forms page.

Course Descriptions

There are two categories of Chemistry Scholarships:  (1) Those administered through the University of Nevada, Reno Financial Aid Office and (2) those administered through the Chemistry Department.  Please continue to the Scholarships page for more details.