Advanced Placement Chemistry

Fall 2016 and Spring 2017

Note: Most materials are provided on this web page as PDF (portable document format) files. A free PDF file reader plug-in for your browser is available (already loaded in the computer labs on campus).

Enrollment Information

  • Checklist for Enrolling in the Program and Registering for the Fall Semester (CHEM 121L) - read this first
  • Checklist for Enrolling in the Program and Registering for the Spring Semester (CHEM 122L)
  • Application for Admission to UNR (apply as a non-degree seeking student)
  • Application for Initial Nevada Resident Status (Short Form - you may have to down load this, and then open in Acrobat)
  • Estimated Costs for Tuition, Fees, Books and Supplies
  • Campus Map

Safety Information

A Word to Those Planning on Attending Medical School

A number of medical schools do not accept AP chemistry credits. For chemistry majors, this is not a problem because they will get enough laboratory credits from taking upper level chemistry classes. Non-chemistry majors planning on attending medical school may have to retake Chem 121/122 and lose their AP credits, take Chem 201/202, or take another year of chemistry classes to meet the medical school's requirement. This page provides a list of medical schools and their policies on AP credits.  Always check the up to date admissions policies for any medical schools in which you may have an interest.

Contact Information

AP Chemistry Coordinator
Viktoriya Weirauch
Phone 775-682-8304
Fax 775-784-6804

University Dir., Admissions
Steve Maples
Phone 775-784-4700
Fax 775-784-1852

Useful Resources