Stock photography

Proceed with caution

As a last resort, only when images in the University and College photo libraries will not work and when there is not time or resources for a photo shoot, stock photography may be used.

Below are some sites on which stock photography can be found that is OK to use. This information is supplied with the understanding that no discrimination is intended and no endorsement by our College or the University of Nevada, Reno is implied.

Images from other websites, including Google Images, may not be OK to use. Taking them could get us into legal trouble, so don't!

When using stock photography, pay attention to the languages on signs and labels in the image and the plants and geography featured. Only use stock photos that could have been taken here in Nevada. Don't use images that feature brand names, as we are an impartial, unbiased organization that does not endorse or recommend any products, brands or services.

Got photos?

Try the 4-H marketing online resource center! It's the go-to resource for 4‑H professionals and volunteers for all of their 4‑H marketing materials including photos. (Registration required.)