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What is a print release?

The University enforces a policy that requires prior approval (i.e., a "Print Release") for all printing, imaging or embroidery projects using external (off-campus) vendors and costing $50 or more. You must submit a print release request at least five (5) days prior to printing or production so University Marketing and Communications can review your project for brand compliance.

Project printed without prior approval are subject to review, and those found to be out of compliance with University brand standards may need to be reprinted at the originating department's expense.

Request a print release

Items not requiring a print release

  • Instructional material, such as texts, syllabi, articles and reports
  • Scholarly works, such as a dissertation or thesis
  • Items related to the business system (e.g., letterhead, envelopes, stationery, etc.) when printed by the University's contract printing vendor