Neda Khalafi

Lecturer, Graphic Design
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Neda Khalafi is a multidisciplinary designer, artist, and educator who works across various creative disciplines including graphic design, product and interior design. As an educator, she teaches courses in graphic design with an emphasis on brand identity, creative thinking and user-centered design.

Neda’s extensive background in art, design, and science gives her additional tools for experimentation in the areas of two & three-dimensional design. As a designer, she brings an artistic perspective to her solutions and as an artist, she applies design strategies to create a work of art. She believes art and design education are lifelong processes that develop over time.

Courses taught:

GRC 116 Introduction to digital art and design
GRC 200 Design thinking and methodologies
GRC 220 Graphic design 1
GRC 355 Graphic design 2
GRC 210 Typography 1
GRC 310 Typography 2
GRC 385 Package design
GRC 400 Graphic design 3
ART 100 Visual foundations


MS, Engineering Management, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 2014
MFA, Industrial design, Art University of Tehran, 2009
BFA, Industrial design, Art University of Tehran, 2006

Professional certifications