Jane Davidson, Ph.D.

Professor: History of Art - Medieval through 18th century

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  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Kansas, 1975
  • Master of Philosophy, University of Kansas, 1974
  • Master of Arts, University of Kansas, 1973
  • Master of Arts, Louisiana State University, 1970
  • Bachelor of Arts, Louisiana State University, 1969


Jane Davidson publishes in the areas of history and iconography of witchcraft, 17th century painting and history of paleontology. She is the author of several books and numerous articles in these areas. These include "David Teniers the Younger," "The Witch in Northern European Art 1470-1750," "The Bone Sharp: The Life of Edward Drinker Cope," "A History of Paleontology Illustration," and "Early Modern Supernatural: The Dark Side of European Culture, 1400-1700."


  • Medieval, Northern Renaissance
  • Italian Renaissance and Mannerism
  • Baroque Art I (north)
  • Baroque Art II (south)
  • 18th Century Decorative Arts
  • Occult Themes
  • History of Paleontology Illustration
  • Propagandistic Art 1900-1945