Jane Davidson, Ph.D.

Professor, History of Art - Medieval through 18th century
Jane Davidson headshot


Jane Davidson publishes in the areas of history and iconography of witchcraft, 17th-century painting and history of paleontology. She is the author of several books and numerous articles in these areas. These include "Patrons of Paleontology: How Government Support Shaped a Science," "David Teniers the Younger," "The Witch in Northern European Art 1470-1750," "The Bone Sharp: The Life of Edward Drinker Cope," "A History of Paleontology Illustration" and "Early Modern Supernatural: The Dark Side of European Culture, 1400-1700."


  • Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1975
  • Master of Philosophy, University of Kansas, 1974
  • M.A., University of Kansas, 1973
  • M.A., Louisiana State University, 1970
  • B.A., Louisiana State University, 1969