Verification of Degree

Verifying Your Degree With A Transcript

Students can request official transcripts online via the National Student Clearinghouse. If a transcript is ordered before the degree posting process has finished, completion of the degree will not appear on the transcript. If students need a transcript with the degree posted, select the Hold Option, 'After Degree is Posted'.

Degree Verification Letter

If verification of degree is needed prior to the mailing of diplomas, students can request a letter. Examples of why a student may need a Degree Verification letter:

  • Employment
  • Military
  • Graduate School
  • Scholarships

Please send an email request to with the details of the degree verification letter needed. For verification purposes, attach a copy of your Photo Id and a destination address. We will only fax or mail degree verification letters.

Third Party Verification 

For employers and background checks, please contact the National Student Clearinghouse to submit a request online. Note that there is a charge for any verification requests made through the National Student Clearinghouse.