Registering for Classes

How to Register for Classes

To register for classes, you will use MyNEVADA.

If a class requires "department consent", you will need to contact the department directly for permission to enroll. Special requests for pre-requisite or full course overrides will also go directly to the department. Once the department electronically grants permission, you may register within MyNEVADA as usual.

Up through the end of the drop/add period each term, you may add, drop, or swap classes in MyNEVADA. If you have any problems using MyNEVADA, check out the MyNEVADA help section.

Enrollment Appointment Schedule

Registering for classes is based upon your standing at the university and your last name. with enrollment appointments being randomly assigned within each standing level. Check your MyNEVADA to find your individual enrollment appointment. The Open Enrollment Date signals the end of Enrollment Appointments with registration available for all students. For an overview of enrollment appointment blocks, check the schedule.

In-Person Transactions

The following transactions must be done in-person at Admissions & Records. A photo ID is required for all transactions.

  • Registering for S/U option in classes that are offered for both letter-grade and S/U option.
  • Registering for audit option (requires written department approval, except for PEX activity classes).
  • Registering for two classes with a time overlap (written permission from both instructor's must be obtained on official department letterhead).
  • Changing class grading option, including:
    • credit to audit (requires written department approval, except for PEX activity classes)
    • audit to credit
    • letter grade to S/U
    • S/U to letter grade
  • Registering for credit overloads (dean's approval required):
    • Undergraduate: more than 21 credits
    • Graduate: more than 16 credits
  • Seniors registering for graduate level courses are required to contact the Graduate School, (775) 784-6869.


Any holds on your record must be cleared before you can register for classes. All holds will appear in your MyNEVADA Student Center under "Holds". Clicking for details and on each hold will provide you information on any hold you have on your record as actions needed to clear the hold.

  • If you are a new student, in a specialized program or under academic discipline, you may have an Academic Hold on your record. To remove this hold, please contact your Academic Advisor.
  • If you have an outstanding financial obligation (late fees, parking tickets, library fines...) to the university, you may have a fee hold on your record. For individual questions and/or payments to your account, please contact the Cashier's Office, (775) 784-6915.