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Bruno Bauer


Bruno Bauer

Contact Information


  • Ph.D., Physics 1992 Physics University of California, Los Angeles
  • M.S., Physics 1983 Physics University of California, Los Angeles
  • B.S., Mathematics 1982 Stanford University

Professional Experience

  • 2012-present Professor of Physics, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 2002-2012 Associate Professor of Physics, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 1996-2002 Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Nevada, Reno

Professional Awards

  • Invited Talk, Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop, 2010
  • Invited Talk, DOE Workshop on Scientific Opportunities in High Energy Density Plasma Physics, 2008
  • Invited Talk, Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop, 2008
  • Invited Talk, International SEMATECH EUV Source Modeling Workshop, 2003
  • Oscar Buneman Award for Best Still Image, 18th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Plasma, with V.I. Sotnikov, J.N. Leboeuf, P. Hellinger, P. Travnicek, V. Fiala, 2003
  • Invited Talk, Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop, 2003
  • Mousel-Feltner Award for Outstanding Research, UNR College of Arts and Science, 1998
  • U.S. Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, 1997
  • DOE-DP Young Scientist and Engineer Award, 1997
  • LANL Distinguished Achievement Award, 1996
  • LANL Director's Fellowship, 1995
  • LLNL Physics Award for Outstanding Postdoctoral Achievements, 1994
  • Invited Talk, Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics of the American Physical Society, 1994
  • American Vacuum Society Award, 1985
  • UCLA Physics Dept. Excellence in Teaching Award, 1982-83
  • UCLA Graduate Student Research and Teaching Fellowship, 1982

Research Interests

Plasma physics and applications. Investigation of current- and laser-driven plasmas for fusion energy, radiation production, and atmospheric science research


  • R.E. Siemon, W.L. Atchison, T. Awe, B.S. Bauer, A.M. Buyko, V. Chernyshev, T.E. Cowan, J.H. Degnan, R.J. Faehl, S. Fuelling, S.F. Garanin, T. Goodrich, A.V. Ivanovsky, I.R. Lindemuth, V. Makhin, V.N. Mokhov, R.E. Reinovsky, D.D. Ryutov, D.W. Scudder, T. Taylor, and V.B. Yakubov, Stability analysis and numerical simulation of a hard-core diffuse z pinch during compression with Atlas facility liner parameters, Nucl. Fusion 45, 1148-1155 (2005).
  • V. Makhin, R.E. Siemon, B.S. Bauer, A. Esaulov, I.R. Lindemuth, D.D. Ryutov, P.T. Sheehey, and V.I. Sotnikov, Self-organization observed in numerical simulations of a hard-core diffuse z-pinch, Phys. Plasmas 12, 042312-1-9 (2005).
  • V. Makhin, B.S. Bauer, I.R. Lindemuth, and B.J. Rice, Development of laser deposition package for modeling of EUV sources for microlithography, Emerging Lithographic Technologies IX, Proc. SPIE 5751, 840-851 (2005).
  • V.I. Sotnikov, B.S. Bauer, J.-N. Leboeuf, P. Hellinger, P. Travnicek, and V. Fiala, Hybrid simulations of z-pinches, Computer Phys. Comm. 164, 150-155 (2004).
  • V.B. Krasovitskii, V. G. Dorofeenko, V.I. Sotnikov, and B.S. Bauer, Nonlinear processes during the interaction of a petawatt laser pulse with a plasma in the presence of an external magnetic field, Computer Phys. Comm. 164, 103-107 (2004).
  • V.V. Ivanov, P.J. Laca, B.S. Bauer, R. Presura, V.I. Sotnikov, A.L. Astanovitskiy, B. Le Galloudec, J. Glassman, and R.A. Wirtz, Investigation of Plasma Evolution in a Coaxial Small-Gap Magnetically Insulated Transmission Line, IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 32, 1843-1848 (2004).
  • V.I. Sotnikov, B.S. Bauer, J.-N. Leboeuf, P. Hellinger, P. Travnicek, and V. Fiala, Development of global magnetohydrodynamic instabilities in z-pinch plasmas in the presence of nonideal effects, Phys. Plasmas 11, 1897-1907 (2004).
  • A. Esaulov, B.S. Bauer, I.R. Lindemuth, V. Makhin, R. Presura, D.D. Ryutov, P.T. Sheehey, R.E. Siemon, and V.I. Sotnikov, Magnetohydrodynamic simulation of the inverse pinch plasma discharge, Phys. Plasmas 11, 1589-1599 (2004).
  • L.F. Wanex, V.I. Sotnikov, B.S. Bauer, and J.N. Leboeuf, Linear analysis of stabilizing mechanisms for the kink instability, Phys. Plasmas 11, 1372-1378 (2004).
  • V.B. Krasovitskii, V.G. Dorofeenko, V.I. Sotnikov, and B.S. Bauer, Interaction of powerful laser pulse with magnetized plasma, Phys. Plasmas, 11, 724-742 (2004). Also selected by the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science ( for the February 2004 issue.
  • B.S. Bauer, R.C. Mancini, V. Makhin, I. Paraschiv, A. Esaulov, R. Presura, I.R. Lindemuth, P.T. Sheehey, and B.J. Rice, Development of magnetohydrodynamic computer modeling of gas-discharge EUV sources for microlithography, Emerging Lithographic Technologies VIII, Proc. SPIE 5374, 394-404 (2004).
  • D.D. Ryutov, D.C. Barnes, B.S. Bauer, J.H. Hammer, C.W. Hartman, R.C. Kirkpatrick, I.R. Lindemuth, V. Makhin, P.B. Parks, D.B. Reisman, P.T. Sheehey, and R.E. Siemon, Particle and heat transport in a dense wall-confined MTF plasma (theory and simulations), Nucl. Fusion 43, 955-960 (2003).
  • A.C. Erlandson, A. Astanovitskiy, S. Batie, B.S. Bauer, A. Bayramian, J.A. Caird, T.E. Cowan, C. Ebbers, J. Fuchs, H. Faretto, J. Glassman, V. lvanov, B. LeGalloudec, N. LeGalloudec, S. Letzring, S. Payne, and B. Stuart, Design of a 50 TW / 20 J chirped-pulse amplification laser for high-energy-density plasma physics experiments at the Nevada Terawatt Facility of the University of Nevada, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications, Monterey, California, September 7-12, 2003, LLNL Report UCRL-JC-155356. Available from the U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Citations Database, at
  • R. Presura, B.S. Bauer, A. Esaulov, S. Fuelling, V. Ivanov, N. Le Galloudec, V. Makhin, R.E. Siemon, V.I. Sotnikov, R. Wirtz, A. Astanovitskiy, S. Batie, H. Faretto, B. Le Galloudec, A. Oxner, M.A. Angelova, P. Laca, S. Guzzetta, S. Keely, S. Rogowski, B.V. Oliver, and K.W. Struve, Operation regimes of Magnetically Insulated Transmission lines, Proceedings of the 14th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference, Dallas, Texas, June 15-18, 2003, IEEE 03CH37472, Vol. II, 859-862 (2003).
  • V.I. Sotnikov, I. Paraschiv, V. Makhin, B.S. Bauer, J.N. Leboeuf, and J.M. Dawson, Linear analysis of sheared flow stabilization of global magnetohydrodynamic instabilities based on the Hall fluid model, Phys. Plasmas 9, 913-922 (2002). 

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