Electrical Engineering

NTF Electrical Engineering and Development Team

The NTF Electrical Engineering and Development Group designs, develops and fabricates pulse-power and core diagnostics components for the two-terawatt Zebra pulsed-power generator, and all NTF high-energy lasers. The group is composed of Engineers, Technicians, and Students working in the field of Electrical Engineering.

NTF Electrical Engineering and Development Group specialties include:

High Energy Lasers / Zebra Z-Pinch

  • Pulsed-power components
  • Command Systems
  • Laser safety systems
  • Laser timing system
  • Synchronization
  • X-ray film development
  • Data Acquisition
  • High-voltage controls and safety systems

Core Diagnostics Setup

  • Micro channel plates, time-gated and integrated diagnostics

General Support

  • Support in the protection of equipment and diagnostics from electromagnetic pulses (EMP) or electromagnetic interferences (EMI)
  • Develop electronics components in support of experiments

Computer Support

  • Network assistance
  • Software support and services