Mechanical Engineering

NTF Mechanical Engineering and Development Team

The NTF Mechanical Engineering and Development Team designs, develops, and fabricates experimental equipment and core diagnostics components for the two-terawatt Zebra pulsed-power generator, and all NTF high-energy lasers.  The groups is composed of Engineers, Technicians, and Students working in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Responsibilities include: 

  • The mechanical design of hardware and diagnostics for experiments.
  • The mechanical design of components for the Zebra generator, and the Leopard and Cheetah lasers.
  • Deploying of experiments on to Zebra, Leopard or Cheetah.
  • Manufacturing of prototypes and low-scale production.
  • Supporting of ongoing experiments
  • The design and maintenance of vacuum systems.
  • The design and maintenance of vacuum control systems.
  • Training and teaching students.

Available tools:

  • Designing tool - ProE Wildfire parametric solid modeler
  • Milling machines - (3) manual and one retrofitted CNC mills,
  • Lathes (3)
  • Drill presses (3) and other small machine tools.
  • Large Jobs - The NTF mechanical group can employ the CNC lathe and CNC mill from the Physics Department shop at no extra cost
  • Welding capabilities available for vacuum parts