Core Diagnostics

The Engineering and Development Group is in charge of the ZPPL Core Diagnostics suite of instruments:  a team of Engineers provide for the appropriate fielding of needed diagnostics, the data collection,  and all documentation for post-experiment data analysis. The current list of ZPPL core diagnostics below is not exhaustive.

List of core diagnostics
Equipment Type
Time Integrated X-Ray Diagnostics Pin-Hole Camera Spectrometer
Time Gated X-Ray Diagnostics Pin-Hole Camera Spectrometer
5 Channel Head X-Ray Bolometer
Streak Cameras
  • TDS220 (4 Units)
  • TDS640A (11 Units)
  • TDS644A (2 Units)
  • TDS684C (3 Units)
  • TDS694C (1 Unit)
  • TLS216 (10 Units)
  • TDS3054B (8 Units)
  • TDS7154B (1 Unit)
  • THS730A (5 Units)
Digital Delay Generators DG535
BNC 500
Low Voltage Power supplies
High voltage Power supplies