Funding opportunity announcement: Faculty Travel Grant for FY2025

Updated March 2024

Proposal deadlines

Due by 5 p.m., Pacific Time, submitted via InfoReady Review.

  • May 1, 2024
  • September 16, 2024
  • January 30, 2025

Program description

The Research & Innovation Faculty Travel Grant program is designed to support faculty in funding travel and related expenses that further the faculty member’s research, creative or scholarly activities. Through this program, Research & Innovation supports travel that will have clear outcomes linked to the University’s strategic goals and a positive impact for the faculty and their department.

Leadership contacts

Administrative contacts

Applicable University Administrative Manual section

1,495: Application for Travel Support to Support Research, Creative and Scholarly Activities (revised April 2022)

Award information

Anticipated funding amount:

  • Awards for international travel are estimated to be $1,500.
  • Awards for domestic travel are estimated to be $1,000.

The Faculty Travel Grant will support all allowable travel costs and conference registration. See budgetary information for details.

Eligibility information

Applicants for the Faculty Travel Grant must hold at least a 50% FTE academic faculty appointment at the University of Nevada, Reno and have a current role statement that includes research or professional development responsibilities.

Limit on number of proposals per PI

A faculty member may submit only one proposal to a single deadline.

Limit on number of awards per PI

A faculty member may be awarded only one award for domestic travel every two years and only one award for international travel every three years.

Proposal preparation and submission instructions

Proposals must be completed through the online platform, InfoReady Review.

Applications must be received by midnight by one of the due dates in the deadlines section.

Your application may be returned without review if you do not follow the application instructions or if you have received an award for domestic travel in the past year or international travel in the past two years.

Submission questions should be emailed to

Budgetary information

Total budget requests must not exceed $1,000 for domestic travel and $1,500 for international travel.

A budget is not required with the application, but all funds requested must be used in allowable travel categories described in University Administrative Manual section 1,401. These include:

  • Conference registration
  • Airline costs
  • Ground transportation
  • Hotel costs
  • Per diem

Review and selection process

Applications for the Faculty Travel Grant will be reviewed three times a year by a review committee comprised of University faculty. Each proposal will receive three reviews by three different reviewers.

Applications will be reviewed by the review committee within two weeks of each submission deadline.

The review committee will submit its recommendations for funding to the Vice President for Research and Innovation. The Vice President for Research and Innovation will make a final determination for funding.

Review criteria

Applications for Faculty Travel Grants will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Is the description of the proposed travel clear?
  • Is the description of the short-term and long-term outcome and impact for the faculty member’s research, creative or scholarly activities clear and apparent? This includes an explanation of the importance of the scholarly presentation or conference to be attended, if applicable.
  • Is the explanation of how the desired outcomes and impact align with the strategic goals of the University, the college or the department persuasive?

Grant administration information

Notification of the grant award

Notifications of funding will be made by email from the Associate Vice President for Research via the InfoReady platform. Notification of funding will be made to the faculty applicant, their chair, and to the relevant department administrator. Award notifications will be made to the applicants within two weeks after receipt of the review committee’s recommendation.

Award conditions

Funds awarded must be spent within the fiscal year stipulated in the award email and for the purpose proposed in the application. 

The awardee must seek prior approval for any change in travel dates, purposes, or destination.

Awarded funds are retained by Research & Innovation and not transferred to another cost center.

All required travel paperwork must be completed and approved according to University travel policies as outlined in the University Administrative Manual section 1,401.

Please note: Payment for travel needs to take place after the award notification from Research & Innovation. This is to ensure timely expense processing according to the University’s travel and procurement policies.

A worktag will be assigned after notification of funding. The cost center or worktag must be included on the required travel paperwork for the approved amount. Awarded funds will be applied to the travel costs once the travel request has been processed.

Travel authorization and expense submission is processed through the awardee’s department, and you must adhere to your department administrative procedures for travel, including obtaining all the necessary department and college authorizations.

Reporting requirements

Awardees are required to respond to an annual survey requesting details on the outcome of their award.