Full-Dome Theater

The Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center hosts an assortment of shows in the Full-Dome Theater, both for field trip attendees and the public. Upon opening in 1963, the Planetarium was the first of its kind to use a 360-degree projector with the capacity to display horizon-to-horizon visuals in the theater. Atmospheric physicist Wendell Mordy, the Planetarium's founder, aided in developing this revolutionary technology and, for 10 years, our facility was the only planetarium in the nation utilizing it.

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  • An audience, comprised of people of all ages, watches in awe as stars in the galaxy are projected 360-degrees around the Full-Dome Theater in the Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center.
  • The Full-Dome Theater's exterior, painted in 2013 by artist Erik Burke, is a brilliant reproduction of the sun.
  • The introduction of the popular show "Tales of a Time Traveler" is projected on the ceiling of the Full-Dome Theater.