Minor in Developmental Disabilities

Students at the University of Nevada Reno can pair a minor in Developmental Disabilities with any major.

The undergraduate program in developmental disabilities is offered as an interdisciplinary minor in conjunction with any academic major, or as additional credits upon completion of the requirements for an undergraduate degree in an established discipline. Eighteen credits are required, and a minimum of 9 credits must be taken in disciplines outside of one’s major degree program.

Three core classes (9 credits) are required of all students:

  • EDU 203, Introduction to Special Education
  • CHS 360, Disability Issues; and
  • EDSP 432, Serving Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families.

*Please check with the official course catalog for current course names and numbers. These do change on occasion.

The additional 9 credits must be selected from a list of Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities-approved courses offered in the following disciplines:

  • Community Health Sciences,
  • Special Education,
  • Education,
  • Human Development and Family Studies,
  • Psychology, and Social Work.

For more information, and to complete your declaration of minor form, please contact Lindsay Diamond, Ph.D. at ldiamond@unr.edu.

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