Positive Behavior Support of Nevada

Rural Nevada photoPBS - NV is a state-wide project composed of a network of professionals, parents and community members that are trying to build a sustainable culture who value and implement quality positive behavior supports. We are committed to developing and implementing support plans for people with disabilities and challenging behavior that include functional assessment and function-based intervention. These plans must also be developed in a respectful, values-based manner while attempting to maintain a balance between contextual fit and empirically validated treatment.

Our Services

PBS-NV provides trainings, technical support and consultation services to families, agencies, and schools. Our services build capacity in family members, professionals, and care providers supporting individuals with challenging behavior. PBS-NV also offers in-service presentations to groups or organizations, available upon request. All services are individualized to meet the unique needs of those requesting our support.

Tiered model of support: PBS-NV uses a tiered model of support so families are able to select services at the appropriate level.

Tier I = Universal strategies

  • PBS 101

Tier II = Targeted interventions

  • Potty Pros
  • Picky Eaters
  • Routines and Transitions
  • Functional/Effective Communication

Tier 3 = Individualized, function-based, comprehensive support

  • Addressing Challenging Behaviors

PBS-NV Workshops

Tier I

Our tier 1 workshop discusses universal strategies, which are appropriate for all families and children of all ages.

Workshop structure: One 2 hour workshop
Fee: Free
PBS 101: Building Cooperative Behavior: A workshop designed to educate parents and professionals on the use of 5 simple strategies to increase appropriate behaviors and decrease inappropriate behaviors.

Tier II

Tier 2 trainings contain targeted strategies for specific behavioral concerns.
Workshop structure: One 2.5 hour workshop + a 1 hour private consultation
Fee: Free 

At this tier, we offer 4 different workshops:

  • Potty Pros: A workshop for parents of children ages 2-10 who have attempted toilet training with little to no success. 
  • Picky Eaters: A workshop designed for parents of children ages 2-18 who have difficulty getting their child to eat a variety of nutritional foods. 
  • Effective Communication: A workshop for parents and support staff of individuals who have difficulty communicating and who currently or may be likely to engage in challenging behaviors as a result. 
  • Routines and Transitions: A workshop for parents of individuals who have difficulty transitioning from one activity to another or who have a hard time ending one activity or starting another activity.

Tier III

Tier 3 trainings consist of individualized, function-based strategies.
Workshop structure: Five 2.5 hour workshops + five 1 hour private consultations
Fee: Free

At this tier we offer one workshop:
Addressing Challenging Behavior - A workshop in which the consultant will help families assess their child's problem behavior, then assist in the development of a complete behavior plan that families will be able to implement.

Classes currently offered by region:

The following classes are currently open and accepting registration! Please click on the link below the listed class to access the individual sign up form and further class information:

PBS Contact Information:

Northern NV Region:
(775) 682-9049

Southern NV Region:
(702) 940-5417


PBS-NV is funded by Fund for A Healthy Nevada

Nevada Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Technical Assistance Center
1664 North Virginia St. Mail Stop 285
Reno, NV 89557

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