Facility-wide PBS Projects

The Nevada  PBIS TA Center currently provides facility-wide PBS services in a juvenile justice facility, a mental health facility, and also works with youth parole.  Below is more information about these individual projects as well as contact information.

Juvenile Justice

There are two projects that we work on within Juvenile Justice: the Summit View facility and Parole.

Summit View

In late 2015, the Nevada PBIS Technical Assistance Center was contacted by the state's only maximum-security juvenile facility. In February 2016 ,the facility was re-opened after having been closed for a few months with a focus on rehabilitation and the use of evidence-based practices. The facility is currently fully implementing Tiers 1 and 2 systems and practices.


Our work at Summit View resulted in an offer from the state to implement PBIS in Youth Parole. Youth Parole in Nevada is split between an office in the North (Reno), and an office in the South (Las Vegas). There are currently around 400 youths on Parole across the state.

Mental Health

Desert Willow Treatment Center (DWTC) is a 58-bed youth psychiatric hospital that provides mental health treatment to children ages 6-17 from across the state of Nevada. The facility houses two acute units and three residential units. DWTC provides psychiatric services to some of the highest-need youth in the state, many of whom present a risk to themselves and/or their community. We have been able to successfully roll out Tier I systems and practices at DWTC, and have learned a good deal about the use of PBIS in supporting mental health facilities.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about any of our facility-wide projects, please contact Lauren Brown listed below:

Lauren Brown, M.A., BCBA, LBA

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