Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center (DD Act Partner)

The DD Act funds a Protection and Advocacy (P & A) System in each state. The role of the P & A is to empower, protect, and advocate on behalf of persons with developmental disabilities. P & As enhance the quality of life of people with developmental disabilities by investigating incidents of abuse and neglect and discrimination based on disability. The National Disability Rights Network is the national association for state P & A systems.

The Nevada Disability Advocacy & Law Center (NDALC) serves as Nevada's P & A and is a private, statewide non-profit organization. NDALC's mission is to:

  • Protect and advocate for human and legal rights, interests, and welfare of Nevadans with disabilities.
  • Promote, support, and assist Nevadans with disabilities in understanding and controlling those systems and processes, which directly affect their lives.
  • Foster the development, availability, and accessibility of services, which increase the opportunities available to Nevadans with disabilities to live their lives as fully, independently, and productively as possible.

Services provided by NDALC include, but are not limited to: information and referral services, education, training, negotiation, mediation, investigation of reported or suspected abuse/neglect, legal counsel, technical assistance, and public policy work. NDALC has offices in Las Vegas, Reno/Sparks, and Elko with services provided statewide. All services are offered at no cost to eligible individuals in accordance with NDALC's available resources and service priorities.

Nevada Disability Advocacy & Law Center

1875 Plumas Street #1
Reno, NV 89509
Phone: 775-333-7878
Toll-Free: 1-800-992-5715
Nevada Relay: 711 

Fax: 775-788-782
Jack Mayes, Executive Director

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