Nevada Special Education Technology Assistance Project (NSETAP)

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The Nevada Special Education Technology Assistance Project (NSETAP) is a collaborative effort between the NCED and the Nevada Department of Education's Office of Inclusive Education. NSETAP seeks to empower educators and support staff by providing them with the tools, training, and resources necessary to effectively address the needs of students with disabilities. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing universal design for learning, assistive technology, and access to instructional materials, NSETAP ensures that all school personnel have the necessary expertise to create inclusive learning environments. This includes special educators, assistive technology specialists, related services personnel, paraprofessionals and school administrators.



NSETAP staff help to identify local resources and facilitate AT assessment activities in conjunction with school district staff.


NSETAP has a large variety of assistive technology devices that are available to school districts for loan.


NSETAP assists school districts in planning implementation strategies for the delivery of technology services. They will help to answer specific questions about technology devices and services and work with district staff to design a program that meets the needs of the students and conforms to legal parameters.


NSETAP provides information regarding training activities as they are scheduled. If there are any immediate or currently unmet training needs in your district, the project staff works with the school district administrator to provide the necessary staff training.



Project Director
Felicia Rutledge

NSETAP Support

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