Equipment list: Mechanical Engineering Multiphysics Laboratory

  • Kinetic Systems Inc. research-grade vibration isolation table (4'x8'x12'')
  • TSI Inc. Particle Image Velocimetry / Particle Laser Induced Fluorescence (PIV/PLIF) system including optics, lenses, filters, and dedicated hardware/software
  • Opto Engine LLC 5W continuous wave laser, 532nm wavelength, 1.5mm beam, better than 10% power stability
  • Vision Research Phantom Miro 120 high speed camera (resolution 1920x1200 at 730 fps, CMOS sensor with 10µm pixel size)
  • Vibration Research VR5200 shaker and power amplifier and Vibration Research VR8500 vibration control system
  • National Instruments NI USB-6341 X Series DAQ
  • Several function generators, digital oscilloscopes, and power supplies
  • Gamry Interface 1000 potentiostat with impedance spectroscopy
  • HP 35660A Dynamic Signal Analyzer
  • Olympus BX51M Digital metallurgical microscope
  • Several desktop/laptop PCs equipped with MATLAB, Mathematica, ANSYS, Fluent, LabVIEW, and MS Office package

Technical info & pricing: MEMPL website | Matteo Aureli | (775) 784-6973
For entities external to NSHE, contact the Nevada Center for Applied Research for access: | (775) 784-4781